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Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm is used with your smartphone download Pjama App activate bluetooth and setup your phone as the alarm 6 signals or vibrate bedwetting treatment solution adults and children
Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm

Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm

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Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm consists of ONE component, a small Pjama Connect Sensor. The Pjama Connect Sensor together with your smartphone acts as a complete bedwetting alarm.

By connecting the Pjama Connect sensor to the Pjama App on your smartphone, the smartphone will sound the alarm in the event of leakage during the night. The Pjama app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

After completed installation and registration, you can set the alarm function and the alarm signal, use the calendar to log the progress of the treatment, get general tips and advice, and the ability to set day alarms for children who suffer from leakage during the day. Read more about the Pjama App and Bedwetting clinic on our website.