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E3 Health | About Us

In 2017, E3 Health was established as a consulting firm supporting medical technology companies with commercialisation.

  • Explore challenges and opportunities in the market place, define an appropriate action plan, and
  • Execute the plan allowing the business to successfully
  • Expand

E3 Health’s initial focus was to identify Swedish companies that would find Australia an attractive market place but whom possibly would refrain from prioritising a market introduction because of the vast geographical distance. 

The first Swedish product to be launched successfully in Australia is Pjama. Pjama, a washable pyjama for bedwetters, was invented in Sweden as a unique solution to the bedwetting problem for children and adults.  Since its introduction back in 2014 in Sweden, Pjama has been sold to over 30,000 children and adults in 70+ countries.

Pjama was selling its products to Australia via its Swedish online shop until the end of 2018.  In December 2018, Pjama introduced a new version allowing for Pjama to be tumble dried.  This became the start of Pjama Down Under.  In January 2019, E3 Health Pty Ltd became the exclusive distributor for Pjama in Australia. In a short period of time this unique Swedish product is now helping a rapidly increasing number of Australians suffering from bedwetting.

The most recent innovative products being launched in Australia have been developed by Hipsafety. Hipsafety offers active protective clothing for the hip and tailbone. 

E3 Health is continuing to identify Swedish companies that want to commercialise in Australia. Current projects include innovative products and services from SciBase, Kontigo Care, Ortrud Medical and Devicia, four Swedish companies offering unique solutions to problems within the health care industry.