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HipSafety | Product information


The HappyHip pants have a CE-certified hip protection pad and are modern, safe, user-friendly and stylish, with high comfort. Everything to make Happy Hip appealing to use.

HappyHip Active Hip Protection underwear is an award winning model designed to protect your hip when you have an accident and fall, avoiding a hip fracture. HappyHip has a wide opening which makes them easy to put on and take off.  You close them with a velcro in the waist.

HappyHip is made to be used with incontinence aids and was developed in cooperation with Tena. You can wear HappyHip under your normal clothes and with the slim fit no one will notice that you are wearing hip protection.

The safety of the product depends on the proper position of the pads over your hips. For ultimate protection choose a size that keeps the shorts tight over your seat and hips.

Happyhip is available in unisex sizes.


 XS 75-85 CM
S 85-95 CM
M 95-105 CM
L 105-115 CM
XL 115-125 CM


LifeHip Active Hip Protection Underwear can be used under your clothes every day to protect your hips in case you fall. LifeHip is designed to be discreet and slim for a comfortable fit. You can wear LifeHip during a specific activity, or, if you feel physically unstable walking, LifeHip makes you feel safer walking to the store.

Lifehip is available in men and women sizes.


 XS 70-75 CM
S 75-85 CM
M 85-95 CM
L 95-105 CM
XL 105-115 CM