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Preventing hip fractures with style

Clothing that protects the hip and pelvis against unnecessary fractures relating to a fall are not a new invention. The Swedish company Hip Safety looked at available products on the market and designed a new hip protection pant. The founder, Fredrik Lundh, is an orthopaedic surgeon and he wanted the clothing to be esthetically appealing and very comfortable. The result is Happy Hip, a modern, user-friendly, stylish, comfortable and safe, hip protection pant.

Fredrik believes it is very important to protect yourself from fractures resulting from accidents. Of course it is important to prevent injuries by exercising but if you have a tendency to easily fall, a hip protection pant can make a big difference. The consequences of a hip fracture for an elderly person can mean that the person might have to change how they live and where they live, and many never come back to the same range of motion and ability to move after an injury.

“We are happy that our customers like our products. It provides us enthusiasm to continue to develop and improve our product offering” states Fredrik.