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E3 Health Winner of Excellence in Small Business Award 2021

It has been a challenging year so we are super excited to be the Winner of the Excellence in Small Business Award announced virtually by the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce on November 25.

Four inspirational companies – newcomers as well as established – won the 2021 Awards, showcasing the successful Sweden–Australia business connection.

The Awards provide a great platform for companies to showcase their business within the Swedish-Australian business community. These awards also offer a great opportunity for companies to be recognised at a state as well as national level for being a business leader in its field, or have specific expertise and of course, these awards offer everyone participating, invaluable promotional opportunities. The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1911 and feel very proud of celebrating 110 years of dedication to create, promote, add value and support a sustainable Swedish-Australian business network.

The awards are run on a non-profit basis and promote Swedish related business activities in Australia as well as recognising organisations and individuals that help give Swedish business in Australia a positive profile.

The entries for the 2021 year’s awards according to the jury panel were of very high and equal quality, which made the evaluation process very hard but after careful screening of the different nominations the result within the four different categories was decided and announced as follows.

Excellence in Small Business

This award recognises a business that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the last year.               

The 2021 Excellence in Small Business Award was secured by E3 Health, taking the lead over strong runner up companies Fallon Dasey Content and TePe.

E3 Health was established in 2017 as a consulting firm supporting medical technology companies with commercialisation. The first Swedish product, launched in Australia in 2019, was Pjama a washable pyjama for bedwetters invented in Sweden 2014. Pjama has to date generated over $325K in sales and with the right strategies well executed can generate more than $1M in sales annually. More than 1000 children and adults with bedwetting problems in Australia have had a positive life changing experience thanks to Pjama.

E3 Health Winner of Excellence in Small Business Award 2021 - selling Pjama and Hipsafety in Australia

With the launch of Hipsafety’s hip protective clothing the elderly community has a new unique solution available to improve quality of life. The wearer can feel safe, comfortable and confident during their activity of choice.

“E3 Health edged the other finalists out for its impressive growth in challenging times, as well as the heartwarming customer feedback. As the product offering expands growth is set to accelerate.”

The Swedish Business in Australia Award Winners 2021